Welcome to Afrocrypto and thank you for taking the time to read this introductory post. 

In this post I’ll explain what Afrocrypto is and what I hope to accomplish with it.

First, a definition of “Afrocrypto”

AFRO – This word represents much more than a fabulous hairstyle. It represents me and the diversity I hope to foster within our community. It represents all BIPOC and marginalized people who carry the weight of generational trauma from oppression. And it represents counter-cultural movements, particularly with the blockchain revolution, and how they are challenging existing systems that seek to exploit and steal power from the masses.

CRYPTO – This is the technology humanity has developed to take back power from corrupt, centralized entities. It represents financial freedom and the gamification of reality. With cryptocurrencies, humanity is accelerating into a future once thought to be sci-fi, and the blockchain technology substrate is our ticket into the Metaverse.

Over the months and years, Afrocrypto will develop into a space to share ideas and foster financial freedom. It will be a resource for education and a way for creators to help carve out a path in the Metaverse. The blockchain industry is extremely fast-paced and chaotic. But with a thriving and cooperative community we can build something that makes sense to us.

On the Afrocrypto website I will consistently blog about my thoughts on all things related to blockchain technology. Alongside blog posts I will use this platform to highlight NFT creators, post educational content, and offer services that will help others on their journey within the blockchain industry.

If all of this sounds exciting to you then connect with me over social media, subscribe to the newsletter, and contact me directly for additional inquiries.

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